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 about the author

I was born in London, 1984, to a French-Creole Mauritian family. 

I decided to be a writer when I was ten years old and first set about writing my 'novels' on my mother's typewriter, and then later on the relic that is the Windows '95 PC. 

In 2007, I studied a BA Honours in Creative Writing at London Metropolitan University. After graduating 2010, I decided to travel solo to places I knew would nourish my soul and inspire me.

I volunteered on a Native American reservation as a teacher's assistant with the beautiful Navajo people and learned traditional Navajo storytelling and song, and partook in sacred ceremonies, one of which I wrote about for Gap Year (here). I enjoyed some time in California, before heading off to Singapore, Bali and Nepal. Soon after, I returned to Bali and lived there for six months. 

Shortly after my return to London, I created "The Heart of Writing" Meetup Group: fortnightly workshops, focusing on creative writing inspired by other mediums: music, art, photography etc Not a teaching class, but a sharing/explorative one.


Alongside the workshops, I wrote a blog of the same name (here), posting up story prompts, quotes and all sorts of literary bites to stay inspired.  

In 2014, I quit my day-job to focus entirely on getting some books written. Later that year, I was accepted onto the Almasi League Writers' Programme - a workshop space for emerging BAME writers in London. And it was whilst on this programme that "The Other World, It Whispers" was born. 

In January 2015, my short story "The Animal Ball", was published in American magazine, Pilcrow & Dagger, and my fairytale "Layla and the Axe" was published in the anthology, Flamingo Land and Other Stories in November 2015. 

In 2016, my fairy and folk tale collection, "The Other World, It Whispers" was published with Salt Publishing. 

To refresh myself and fulfil a few extra dreams, I travelled the world during 2017, accumulating much inspiration as I went. 

Since then, I have had short works aired on BBC Radio 4, and a personal essay narrated by me, to air February 2020, amongst other non-fiction pieces published with The Numinous and The Cherry Revolution.


I have reached deeper into my spirituality and wellbeing skill set and teach workshops, offer 1:1 healing sessions and mentoring.

This profound work has led me to write my next book: a non-fiction work on self-healing, ancestral tradition and indigenous spiritual practices Wise Woman Free: Becoming your Own Medicine.

I am currently based in London, UK, but continue to follow my itchy feet around the world. 


“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” 

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