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Whether you're an aspiring writer or a practiced writer, an artist working with words or a passionate reader who wishes to explore the art of writing for pleasure, I can support you in whatever path or project you'd like to carve or shape. 


I currently mentor through 1:1 sessions via Zoom or in person (Portland, Oregon only). I love nothing more than to guide and spark others with inspiring engagement that will deepen their craft. Together, we create a meet up and practice that suits best to get the most out of your goals. 


A session might look like: exploring pieces of writing that will serve your development, generating fun and imaginative prompts for practice, discussing the art-form and the topics you're most interested in, exploring different creative forms, building upon your strengths, using creative tools to help you find your style, your voice and most of all, finding joy in the process.

If you're curious and would like to chat with me about this offering, then feel free to reach out to me via email at

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