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This weekend, my love and I stole away to Scotland to catch up with friends and to catch up with ourselves.

For all the places we walk and explore, we always find something very special in an old cemetery.

Necropolis, Glasgow's Victorian Graveyard, offered us peace, serenity and expanse. With an incredible view of a gothic cathedral, we sat up on the hill with stories rolling around in our heads - each of us forming new ideas for new pieces of writing.

"Cemetery Pilgrimage", a story from The Other World, It Whispers, was conjured in the same way. While strolling through the famous Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris a couple of years ago, I was met with a certain magic I just had to use as writing fuel. And just some weeks ago I visited Highgate Cemetery for the very first time and that place is as equally special and mystical.

Now I am onto something, much like my character Clyde, who believes that great things await him in graveyards, I too feel that great inspiration resides in them. I have decided to undergo a quest - to find more of my stories within the depths and the beauty of the afterlife.

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